Creating Positive Change.
Creating Positive Change.

What is life-coaching?
Coaching is about bringing new energy into your life. Bringing out high energy feelings and the expression of yourself and your talents. You’ve come to coaching because you are curious and may be hoping there is a solution that will help you finally uncover what it is that you were meant to do with your life. Out of all the talents that you have, you would like help bringing them into the world or directing them. I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary combination of will and courage it takes just to come to this website or pick up the phone to make that first call.

…but why is it called life coach?

Well, because it is about helping people live with intention, take responsibility for their lives and realize that they have a choice about their happiness. And it is a person that makes the client exercise hard in an emotional or mental way

life and coach

Before you think that you will end up spending months or years on working out what you want to do and moving towards it, stop!

You’ll probably need 4-8 sessions with me. I’ll make sure that you work with, and know the tools to coach yourself and after that you can just connect with me By email if you need support.

Must you be a psychologist or something?

Think of it this way: psychologists and doctors help sick people get well. Coaches help well people become even BETTER. You see this with sports coaches, and it’s the same with life-coaches. We help people figure out what their real goals and priorities are, the secrets to your own happiness, and we push you or support you, as you require, to move towards those goals.

More than that… a life coach teaches you skills that you can take with you and use whenever you want to.

Areas that I specialize in.

Assisting you, as they transition into living a healthy and joyful life.

Assisting you with Weight lost, or staying healthy and fit. Restoring balance, in an unbalance life.

Assisting you, with finding you passion and purpose in life.

Assisting you, to see your own self-worth.

Dealing with stress, and anxiety.

Dealing with relationships issues.

Assisting you with living a healthy, happy life, after abuse.

What to expect.

With 4 sessions paid for in advance. You will be expected to commit to showing up in my office at least once a week. You will receive two phone calls a week and can email me with any questions you may have between visits.

With pay as you go plan. You will be expected to show up at least once a week, with no less than two weeks time-lapse between visits. This requires a lot more self motivation, because it’s easy to come up with reasons for not committing to yourself. You will receive one call a week, and can email me as needed.

My personal experience.

My journey as a life coach begin with family and friends. As people continued to contact me with questions, from relationship issues, to health, and carrier. They would always leave positive feedback, about how hopeful, and inspired they felt afterwards. One day a friend called me and I helped him through a very difficult time, afterwards he said, you know what, I’m going to send you and check, because you have helped me so much. And he actually mailed me a check. Shortly after that I thought about getting certified and adding Life Coaching as services that I offer. I have been trained in wellness and fitness Coaching, but decided I wanted to do life coaching as well. One of the greatest joys of life coaching, is watching the lives of those that actually do the work transform over a period of time.

The little joys of something that one person may take for granted, is now a new experience to someone else. Like for example the ability to put on their shoes without pain or not having to sit down to do it. That to me is so rewording just to hear the stories of those that I was able to assist.

What you'll get from me. Is a real person, that really cares about you, and your experience. And someone that loves what I do..

The areas that I specialize in, are areas that I have personally struggled with or experienced in my life, and overcame. I am able to help you based on my own experience and years of training. I have tried and proven that my methods work, because they have on me and others. I can’t promise you an overnight fix, but if you are ready, and welling , we can make a change for the better.

Life Coaching sessions. And Wellness coaching.
Assisting you trough positive support.  
 1, 30min session $70.
 1, 60min session $120.
 4, 60min sessions $400.

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