Love it. It's more than just a yoga class, Amita is very informative.

Amita has somehow put her own twist on it that makes this class different than other yoga class that I've ever been to. It's hard to explain, but I felt a deeper connection to my body and a spiritual peace that lasted all day. I really enjoyed myself!
--Ms Hall

When Amita did Reiki with me, it was very helpful because I was dealing with an extremely emotional situation that was also manifesting physically.  I was able to clear some past issues and felt better both emotionally and physically.

I had a really delightful session with Amita  doing the Bar therapy. I walked out serene and with a nice sense of peace; that day I finally slept trough the night. I highly recommend it especially to those who feel stress, anxiety and have feeling of being stuck in some  areas in their life. Amita  she also is very professional and passionate of her work and the way how she connected with me, are all reasons I will continue to work with her" .
Marcella Chase

I have had a problem with my shoulder for as long as I can remember. I have been a regular massage client of Amita  for years now, but had always been skeptical about energy work I thought it was a bunch of bull, until one day my shoulder was hurting me so bad that I decided to ask if she would try some energy work on it. She place her hands on my shoulder  and my muscles started to contract, then she asked me a few question, that I thought were totally unrelated  to my problem, yet instantly I had an answer to the question. She did a little more energy work and the pain went away right then and there. I couldn’t believe it myself. It is about nine years now since that session and I am still pain free.

Amita I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful massage. I was trying to tell a friend about you, but I was having a hard time explaining what makes your massage so much different than any other massage that I have ever had, and the best I could come up with was that you have magic hands. So I have to get her a gift certificate so she can experience it for herself. Your massage is truly one of a kind.
Thank you.

Hearing the word abuse, most people relate it to partner abuse or sexual abuse. We rarely relate abuse to our Job or activities in our life. I came to Amita because I was drawn to the word clearing the issues of abuse. I didn’t even know what I wanted to get clear of I just knew there was a lot of fear and anxiety in all areas of my life. During the session we cleared past trauma I had from being an old Vet as well as the abuse I was being subjected to by my current employer. After my session the changes that I had noticed were, that I was no longer fearful of every little thing, my relationship with my boss changed and I had a better relationship with my wife. Now I have a new job and I am happier than ever.
I just want to share this with others that they too may look at their own life.

-- Jay M.

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